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   One of our main reasons for creating this site is to help you earn the funds to join a recommeded program or you can use the money you earn any way you like.  The Holidays will soon be upon us!!

So Join us today and take your time to think about this. 

We offer a simple matrix starting with just $50. 
We are a little different than most systems,
When you cycle level 2 is when you take a
re-entry into level 1.
You re-enter level 3 each time you cycle level 3.

We have added 2 new levels called NHLC MINI 
as a feeder to help those who are not able to do the
L1 MAIN $50. Entry into MINI is just $10   

               Heres how it works. 

     Everyone starts at the MINI-1 level for $10

                              NHLC MINI


                           NHLC MAIN

You can enter these other programs or do anything you want with your $650.  But be sure to re-enter level 1. That is how we keep going.   We move even faster if you take a L1 and L3 re-entry.  Simple as that. 
We even surprise you once in while and let you
take extra L1 entries.


Although there are no minimum requirements,
it is Everyone's responsibility to promote to
help grow  the membership...the more we have, 
the quicker we cycle, And that's better for ALL of us.  

Tell Everyone you know!!